Elvis, A Rebel.

ELVIS – A Rebel, Just Like Us. Before Jim Morrison or Johnny Rotten there was the first of the rebels.  And he lives on in this limited edition “POP PUNK” shirt.   He… Continue reading

The Empire Shirt

We are letting go with this shirt. Inspired by a post punk Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace) this shirt is a play on British Imperialism.  Made from fine cotton silk with digital print.  Featuring… Continue reading

The Second Shirt is Here!! A Patchwork of Pipelines.

This is the second of the six shirts we have made.  And it’s a big change from the first.  I love loud colors, but not everyone else does.  So keeping in mind some of my… Continue reading

Our First Shirt: a 60’s Hang Over

SALE DETAILS FOLLOW AT THE END OF THIS POSTING. This shirt was inspired by 60’s decor, lamp shades. kitchen wall paper, sofas and and lava lamps.  It really is the party shirt for… Continue reading

Groovy Baby Prototype Shirt

I loved the color of this fabric. It reminded me of life in the 60’s as interpreted by the Austin Power’s movies. Groovy baby!  And it is 4% spandex giving it a body… Continue reading

Dinner Suit Prototype with a Twist

I guess twist isn’t the correct word for this.   Plaid is probably better.  A crimson colored plaid with satin highlights on the legs and collar.  Worn with a matching tie and cut away collared white shirt.  It was easy… Continue reading

Double Cuff Link Prototype Shirt

I love wearing cuff links but I worry that I just can’t show them off enough.  This shirt was designed with that idea in mind.  It works best with a simple cuff link… Continue reading

The DaVinci Prototype Shirt

The print of this shirt reminds me of some of the DaVinci writings.  Free form script with a few surprising references.  The shirt has a polka dot highlighted collar and cuffs with a… Continue reading

Unlimited Edition Prototype Shirt

The Sex Pistols had a song called EMI.  It was Johnny’s sarcastic take on record company restriction when a band was under contract: Unlimted edition With an unlimited supply That was the only… Continue reading